Definition of wanly in English:



  • See wan

    • ‘Una Vita was published in 1892, and wanly noticed; Senilità, published in 1898, sank into oblivion.’
    • ‘The mystic overtones of a suffering, bearded and often bare-chested man waving wanly to onlookers gazing up at him have also struck chords.’
    • ‘So I spent the day lying round like a nineteenth century heroine laid low by love and germs, and the evening wanly supervising the film studies test.’
    • ‘Turning around, the subdued light diffusing through the closed front window curtains into his living room wanly lit an unexpected object standing between the couch and the TV.’
    • ‘And although the resolution wanly concedes Senate complicity in mob murders, it does little to compensate victims of a racist terrorism that was culture-deep.’