Definition of waltzer in English:



  • 1A person who dances the waltz.

    • ‘It is expected that the event will attract a large entry of waltzers and dancers from over a wide area.’
    • ‘Perfect wedding music, though at a pace that'll be a bit tough for waltzers at a country wedding.’
    • ‘In a night of unprecedented nostalgia the rockers, the jivers and the waltzers descended on the ‘ballroom of romance’.’
  • 2British A fairground ride in which cars spin round as they are carried round an undulating track.

    • ‘They went for a spin on the waltzer (that's a tilt-a-whirl for our American readers) and the greasy funfair worker spun their car a bit too fast.’
    • ‘A new ride, the Mega Bounce, imported from Spain, will be featured, as well as waltzers, dodgems, a Giant Octupus and a Twister.’
    • ‘There were dodgem cars, helter skelters, waltzers, ghost trains, rifle ranges and lots more but two I remember more than most.’
    • ‘The ride, which has been described as a ‘hair-raising cross between a rollercoaster and a waltzer,’ was only opened in May by girl band The Honeyz.’
    • ‘What does ‘place’ mean when you're travelling, and what kind of place is created when the dodgems and waltzers come to town?’
    • ‘It was where, as a teenager, he saw the fairground showmen set up camp with waltzers, dodgems and swingboats, bringing the promise of a merry-go-round of girls with beehive hairdos and stiletto heels.’
    • ‘The girl band, The Honeyz, opened the Treetop Twister - described as a bit like riding a fairground waltzer on top of a roller coaster - after a 30-minute concert on May 20.’
    • ‘Choose from dodgems, water slides, waltzers - pretty much any ride you can think of.’
    • ‘They have that rather dazed look of people who have just got off a fairground waltzer: none of them can quite believe they're all back on terra firma.’
    • ‘Every second is stuffed with bright, brittle melodies that make you feel as if you've done too many turns on a fairground waltzer.’
    • ‘The ride, which girl band Honeyz opened on May 20, is described as a cross between waltzers and a rollercoaster, in which gondolas seating four passengers rotate as they travel around a tubular track up to 12 metres above the ground.’
    • ‘Should I sees Colt and bass player Gemma Cullingford hovering between coquettish innocence and a full-blown teen tantrum in TopShop; Anamoy is like a ride on a waltzer with X-Ray Spex.’