Definition of walrus moustache in English:

walrus moustache


  • A long, thick, drooping moustache.

    • ‘His face was buried beneath the grimy white vines of a walrus moustache.’
    • ‘Some of the well-known sledgers of the earlier years like Merv Hughes and David Boon had large walrus moustaches, which made movement of their lips imperceptible.’
    • ‘Not only does he sport a walrus moustache and the most inscrutable expression of anyone, anywhere, ever, but he has also been: an inventor of course.’
    • ‘The fate of the Buddhas may lie with a veteran Bavarian art restorer with a walrus moustache who has spent a lifetime in German castles and cathedrals.’
    • ‘The talking point in Poland this week revolves around former president Lech Walesa, who has shaved his famous walrus moustache.’
    • ‘Kaplan is a multilingual philosopher, but beneath the walrus moustache he may be better known as a world renowned maths guru and best-selling author.’
    • ‘With his oversized walrus moustache, overbearing fastball coupled with just enough of an attitude and just enough ‘controlled’ wildness to keep batters loose in the box.’
    • ‘By the time of the Armistice, Bairnsfather's most famous creation, the cantankerous ‘Old Bill’ Busby, with his pipe and walrus moustache, was better known on both sides of the Atlantic than Snoopy is today.’
    • ‘Mussolini's chauffeur used to claim that Hitler trimmed his first world war walrus moustache to resemble Chaplin's; he wanted to look like the best-loved man in the world.’
    • ‘Sporting a ludicrously overgrown walrus moustache, the ebullient forty-something seems to be an attention seeker.’
    • ‘He remained in his seat in Battery Park, staring straight ahead from between his wide-brimmed hat and his prodigious walrus moustache.’
    • ‘I had an English lecturer once, a bizarre and idiosyncratic Canadian with a PhD from Johns Hopkins and a bushy blond walrus moustache.’
    • ‘His name is Palani, he's tiny, with a twinkle in his eye, a grey walrus moustache, and a big orange tikka - ritual mark - on his forehead.’
    • ‘In German the beach-boys are called ‘bademeisters’ which makes me think of big-bellied middle-aged men with walrus mustaches and bathing costumes from the thirties.’
    • ‘The Sergeant, a grey-haired man with a walrus moustache, does all the note-taking, but says nothing, lets the younger man do all the questioning.’
    • ‘With his red face and white walrus moustache, Plumer might have been the inspiration for the cartoonist Low's Colonel Blimp.’


walrus moustache