Definition of wallwasher in English:



  • A lighting fixture designed to illuminate a wall evenly without lighting the floor.

    • ‘A range of fluorescent luminaires, high bays, low bays, asymmetric wallwashers and 3 circuit track can be simply connected and sprung into the extrusion, providing the ultimate in flexible lighting.’
    • ‘At first floor level linear fluorescent wallwashers are used to create an even wash of light on the full height cupboards.’
    • ‘The wallwasher is a recessed fluorescent wallwasher with RGB color mixing that generates both white and colored light.’
    • ‘Downlights and wallwashers The Designer series of compact fluorescent downlights and wall washers was created specifically for high-end architectural…’
    • ‘The space also serves as a gallery where artwork is illuminated by linear fluorescent wallwashers.’
    • ‘All the Lightcast lens wallwashers have cast aluminium housings which are designed to provide optimum thermal properties according to their respective technical requirements.’
    • ‘Whilst the recessed downlight has been designed for all-purpose lighting, directional spotlights and wallwashers come into their own for the accent lighting and homogenous illumination of vertical surfaces.’
    • ‘The multi-purpose rooms utilizes a combination of wallwashers, pendants, and downlights.’
    • ‘Patient circulation areas are also lighted using recessed compact fluorescent downlights and wallwashers.’
    • ‘They fall into two basic categories: fixed, such as pendant lights, ceiling lights, wallwashers and spotlights, and freestanding which include standard lamps, table lamps and uplighters.’
    • ‘Offering recessed downlights, wallwashers, and adjustables with incandescent, fluorescent, HID and induction light sources as part of the Juno Lighting Group.’
    • ‘Delta wallwashers ensure even illumination for over-the-counter sales, while Cardo spots highlight the serve-yourself areas.’
    • ‘The effect of the lens wallwashers is achieved using reflector systems in conjunction with wallwasher lenses.’
    • ‘Two spotlights are particularly interesting: the 6v 20w tungsten halogen lamp, left, and the 300w - 500w wallwasher with deep reflector profile.’
    • ‘Ceiling mounted wallwashers are used to change the appearance of the space, these are also fitted with high frequency ballasts, opposite pairs being controlled independently.’
    • ‘Vega produce a very wide range of architectural downlights, darklighters and wallwashers for institutional, corporate fitout and hospitality applications.’