Definition of walloping in English:



  • A beating.

    ‘she gave him a good walloping’
    • ‘As Arsenal's form slides, Madrid have gathered a momentum interrupted only by the walloping in Zaragoza.’
    • ‘Selby's second string recorded their third successive win as they dished out a walloping to neighbours Thorpe Willoughby.’
    • ‘Matthew Hayden, Australia's cricketer of the year, warned South Africa to prepare for another walloping in their return series over the next two months.’
    • ‘Melbourne will revert to their proven formula against the Swans tomorrow night to rebound from their walloping by Port Adelaide last week and avoid a free fall from outright top to fifth in 14 days.’
    • ‘Sure enough, he gave us a right old walloping in front of the press, claiming that Jack had never had any deal on the table.’
    • ‘Livingston, whose ground meets the requirements of the top flight, took a huge step towards winning the First Division title with a deserved walloping of their nearest opponents on a day when Ayr United also crashed.’
    • ‘It was impossible to judge the Germans on their walloping of hapless Saudi Arabia.’
    • ‘Uni also had a win last week, their 52-12 walloping of Mullum, ensuring that the Gold Rats remain at the top of the table.’
    • ‘New Atherton pro Mihir Diwaker showed he can bat as well as bowl with an unbeaten 86 in a 139-run walloping of Astley & Tyldesley.’
    • ‘He once gave his child a walloping for teasing a handicapped girl.’
    • ‘The Mayo defeat shook hurling to the core in the county and coming on the back of a walloping by Kerry, it spelled a very gloomy future for the code.’
    • ‘If it is the case that Wanderers can, as their manager maintains, put such a humiliating defeat behind them then the White Hart Lane walloping could indeed prove a blessing in disguise.’
    • ‘The '86 World Cup was followed by an abysmal display in Euro '88, including defeat to Ireland in the opening match followed by wallopings at the hands of the Soviet Union and Holland.’
    • ‘As a result of Wilberfoss' misfortune and a 4-1 walloping of Wheldrake, White Horse moved into third place in the table.’
    • ‘After it received a critical and financial walloping upon its release, was anyone clamoring for a new, extras-laden director's cut of Elektra?’
    • ‘Not even the prospect of a hernia operation could limit Brian Kelly's silken style as he led the ‘return’ of Palatine after a walloping by Eire Og in their initial championship outing.’
    • ‘The walloping taken at home to Fulham last weekend was particularly worrying.’
    • ‘Problems continue to pile up for beleaguered Leeds United manager Peter Reid as the club ended one of the worst weeks in its history with a walloping, a bust-up and bottom place in the Premiership.’
    • ‘It was particularly embarrassing in the light of the Italian's walloping of the Scots, with arguably less of a rugby-playing population than we have here.’
    • ‘After some distinctly underwhelming performances of late, this was the day when it all came gloriously right for Boroughmuir with a nine-try walloping of the side alleged to be their nearest rivals for the Premiership 1 title.’
    crushing defeat, overwhelming defeat, beating, trouncing, thumping, battering, rout
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  • attributive Large and powerful.

    ‘a walloping shock’
    • ‘Agha Abedi, the Pakistani founder of Bank of Credit and Commerce International, arranged hunting outings for the sheikhs in return for walloping bank deposits.’
    • ‘So after protein drinks, becoming a vegetarian, exercise, stopping smoking, and doctor after doctor I decided to relieve my pain with small doses of heroine for a walloping 3 whole weeks.’
    • ‘American Steel do not play pure, walloping punk (few bands really do) as much as they create a grotesque amalgam of past punk-related styles.’
    • ‘Not necessarily a ground-breaking assertion, but I'll bet there's more than a few folks out there who could use a walloping masterpiece of ethereal but hard-driving psychedelic garage rock.’
    • ‘Lurking on the cusp of the penalty area Sanjuan met a defensive header with a walloping half volley into Craig Nelson's top right - hand corner.’
    • ‘Supposedly about ideas and values, parties are usually tools for marshalling and brokering power - often crassly and with a walloping dose of self-interest.’
    • ‘Despite throwing a walloping £19 million at a system that worked very well thank you on a shoestring, the corps has not been an unqualified success.’
    • ‘Insiders are bracing for some walloping arguments over the company's direction in the coming months.’
    • ‘If tournament organizers are making a walloping amount of money off the players' backs and only giving them a small percentage, that doesn't seem fair.’
    • ‘Apparently he bought an apartment for £68,000, it is now worth a walloping 444,000 euros!’
    • ‘With a big serve and a walloping double-handed backhand, Safin is apt to overwhelm opponents but Haas has some big strokes of his own and to his credit withstood the barrage.’
    • ‘On the right side of her forehead, there was a walloping large blue and black bruise.’
    • ‘I fell down seven steep stairs on Saturday morning, a walloping, raucous ride on my butt bone into the basement.’
    • ‘It's his knowing way around a walloping chorus and his welcome sense of restraint and economy that allow said hooks to live for many hum-worthy listens.’
    • ‘Rafiyev is required to pay a walloping 67.2% of sales in taxes.’
    • ‘I wake up with a walloping hangover and swear never to drink again.’
    • ‘With the theatre company facing crises on every front, it would be good to report a walloping seasonal hit.’
    • ‘A walloping 90 percent of Americans have some form of gum disease and tooth decay.’
    • ‘Yesterday he blew Alberto Martin off the court with a combination of a walloping forehand and a wish to play in every quarter of the court.’
    • ‘They lost tonight by a walloping score of 14-8, to the team with the nastiest, most obnoxious coach ever.’