Definition of wallaby jack in English:

wallaby jack


  • A large, heavy-duty jack used for lifting vehicles clear of rocks, logs, or other obstacles.

    ‘they dug him out with a wallaby jack and he made it home in one piece’
    • ‘Slots were cut in the pipe to allow the use of a wallaby jack.’
    • ‘I checked that I still had the winch, towrope and wallaby jack.’
    • ‘We carried spare parts, along with an air compressor and a high-lift, long-handled wallaby jack.’
    • ‘With the aid of wallaby jacks, the logs were set in motion.’
    • ‘Wallaby jacks can lift up to I0 tons.’
    • ‘When working in big timber, a wallaby jack is the labour-saver.’
    • ‘The two blokes grubbed all them trees out with a wallaby jack.’
    • ‘For general heavy lifting the wallaby jack will serve well.’
    • ‘A wallaby jack can be useful for removing stumps.’
    • ‘The wheels and axles are removed easily by hooking a wallaby jack under chains welded to the chassis.’