Definition of wall pass in English:

wall pass


  • A short pass to a teammate who immediately returns it; a one-two.

    • ‘He pushed himself up, feeling the cracks in the wall pass against his back, until he was standing.’
    • ‘They try and give the ball before contact and they are expert at the wall pass with their back to the opposition.’
    • ‘Played in behind the Scotland defence courtesy of an exquisite wall pass by Hleb, the forward was lax in drifting an effort beyond the far post.’
    • ‘Three of them approached and, just when it seemed they had him cornered, he flicked three wall passes off their legs, chipped over their heads, collected the ball, turned and gave us a bow.’
    • ‘After 68 minutes he played a wall pass with Owen, sped through the middle and slipped the ball to Butina's right and into the net.’