Definition of Wall of Death in English:

Wall of Death


  • A fairground sideshow in which a motorcyclist uses gravitational force to ride around the inside walls of a vertical cylinder.

    • ‘Within minutes we found ourselves on a multi-lane road that I can only compare to a Wall of Death.’
    • ‘Kerri-Ann Cameron, of Centurion Way, Colchester, auditioned to appear in The Wall of Death World Tour and organisers were so impressed, they offered her a part.’
    • ‘And then we have Subpeak, a French guide I met a few years ago, at 1: 00 A.M., near the top of the famous Wall of Death near Crested Butte Colorado.’
    • ‘Andy meets the Wall of Death's very own historian, Neil Calladine.’
    • ‘You look at these scenes - the Road of Death, the Wall of Death, the tower on the border, the howitzer in the courtyard - and wonder.’
    • ‘The stunt motorcyclist hero of his black-and-white video Wall of Death relentlessly dares the crash-and-burn of his trade in an assault on the frontier of centrifugal force.’