Definition of wall lizard in English:

wall lizard


  • A small brownish-grey Eurasian lizard which typically has black and white bars on the tail, frequently seen on walls and rocks.

    Genus Podarcis, family Lacertidae: several species, in particular P. muralis

    • ‘State experts are unsure how many wall lizards are in the park, said Kacie Ehrenberger, a wildlife diversity staff specialist for the state.’
    • ‘I had initially sought out Dr. Burke for information of the wall lizards of West Philadelphia.’
    • ‘These handcrafted metal wall lizards make them an item of beauty in any room.’
    • ‘They are a tiny bit smaller than the eggs of a bee hummingbird and they certainly look like wall lizard eggs.’
    • ‘I found this small wall lizard by my garden door this August, quietly lapping up water from the sprinklers.’
    • ‘Only common wall lizards were found to be susceptible intermediate hosts.’
    • ‘In northern Europe all wall lizards are found associated with buildings and walls - they are real urban wildlife.’
    • ‘Although it's a wall lizard it doesn't like to climb to hunt its food.’
    • ‘In the 10th annual Running of the Lizards, these students - and anyone else who wanted to - caught and counted as many Italian wall lizards as they could.’
    • ‘These wall lizards grow up to about 15 cm - 19 cm long, of which more than 50% is tail.’
    • ‘The Iberian wall lizards prefer to dwell walls with only few holes - one can watch them staring out there.’
    • ‘Adult wall lizards linger in open areas near rocks and other large objects that serve as cover.’
    • ‘Of particular interest is the colony of wall lizards in Ventnor.’
    • ‘The wall lizard is an alien species introduced from southern Europe, where it is frequently seen running up and down the walls of buildings.’