Definition of wall hanging in English:

wall hanging


  • A large decorative piece of fabric or other material hung on the wall of a room.

    • ‘Using yarn and needle, my mother would then transfer that highly geometric pattern to cloth, creating a wall hanging, a pillow cover, or some other decorative article.’
    • ‘The whole group decided to turn the panels into a wall hanging with pockets that the children could then put any worries or thoughts into.’
    • ‘Her first image for a wall hanging was something her grandmother used to talk about.’
    • ‘When not in use the rug will be displayed as a wall hanging, said a spokeswoman for the centre.’
    • ‘The quality and intricate work makes for beautiful wall hanging of all shapes and sizes.’
    • ‘The domestic world and the conflict in Southeast Asia coincide again in Diaper Pattern, in which texts printed on a wall hanging made from her son's used diapers present a hypocritical apologia for the war in Vietnam.’
    • ‘A colourful wall hanging called The History Of York will soon be revealed to the public.’
    • ‘The pupils are also going to make a wall hanging for Mrs Hargett to take to Sri Lanka as a gift for the children.’
    • ‘The sole concession to any interest outside right-wing politics is a wall hanging of an African jungle scene.’
    • ‘Wishman loves to move away from the action, from the groping and humping and onto inanimate objects like a fruit basket or a clown wall hanging.’
    • ‘Not only used as a wall hanging, the work can also be used for handbags, key rings, baby shoes, clothes and a gift to your lover.’
    • ‘A wall hanging discovered in a 5th century tomb in Pazyryk, clearly shows a Sarmatian rider mounted on a ridged saddle tree with pronounced pommel and cantle but no stirrups.’
    • ‘Then there was a moment of shame, so we put up a wall hanging to cover it from the gaze of mere mortals.’
    • ‘The impression of a child's hand or foot can be pressed into modeling clay to make a wall hanging or quick drying cement to make a garden stepping stone.’
    • ‘One of my mentors in life, the design guru Sara Little Turnbull, gave me a wall hanging with a quote from her speech at the 1992 Corporate Design Foundation Conference.’
    • ‘A confrontation ensued and Goligoski threw a potted plant, damaged a wall hanging and scattered other items in the office.’
    • ‘Wedding guests can sign a large matte of a photo frame, a specially made platter, or a fabric wall hanging.’
    • ‘There are even scraps of their garments, including a cuff from a sleeve, and a possible wall hanging.’
    • ‘Everywhere you look, each piece of furniture, picture, decoration and wall hanging is a priceless treasure collected over the centuries by Kings and Queens.’
    • ‘A hand-stitched wall hanging, made by Jane Makhubele, beautifully conveys this point.’