Definition of wall game in English:

wall game

(also Eton wall game)


  • (in the UK) an early form of football played traditionally at Eton College, in which, in a series of scrimmages, players attempt to take the ball past the opposing team while keeping the ball against a wall.

    • ‘‘Sneaking’ is the wall game equivalent of offside, and ‘furking’ involves passing the ball back.’
    • ‘Add a few former players invited to make up the occasional visiting side, and you have the wall game community of the planet.’
    • ‘Eton fives is a form of tennis but not the Eton wall game which is something else entirely.’
    • ‘Rugby is cool, ditto the Eton wall game, because it's always fun to see some toffy nosed adolescents firmly press each others faces against a brick wall.’
    • ‘Clarke gives the impression that he thinks politics is some sort of Eton wall game, with the sole objective being to beat the opposition.’
    • ‘There are houses, gowns, prefects and the élite take part in an incomprehensible game called quidditch, possibly inspired by the Eton wall game.’
    • ‘Some may or may not agree with his right-wing views, but they will wince at serious London politics treated by the Tory leadership as a celebrity Eton wall game.’