Definition of wall-eyed in English:



  • See wall eye

    • ‘Her smokebox door hangs open, with headlight peering sideways through the fog with a wall-eyed Cyclopean stare.’
    • ‘Stalin's foreign admirers were wall-eyed intellectuals, tantalised by the violent engineering of Utopia as they stalked the corridors of the London School of Economics.’
    • ‘Then he set the probe down and looked up at her - the binoculars gave him a humorous wall-eyed look.’
    • ‘Not for him the flared-nostril aggression of a manager-class cybercrat, or the wall-eyed stare of the technologist.’
    • ‘A lousy musical performance would be problematic; but a botched dance move would be complete and total career suicide, as the expression of wall-eyed panic on her face clearly illustrated.’