Definition of waking dream in English:

waking dream


  • An involuntary dream occurring while a person is awake.

    • ‘The faces of those he has wronged haunt his waking dreams.’
    • ‘Psychedelic drugs, or hallucinogens, produce the equivalent of waking dreams.’
    • ‘The experience of writing for me is a waking dream.’
    • ‘I used to tell my mother of a dream I had - a waking dream.’
    • ‘That waking dream of flight and floating - it's something each of us physically understand.’
    • ‘Antin has made a career of storytelling in films, photographs and performances that present engaging narratives of quests, masquerades and waking dreams.’
    • ‘But once you're inside it, it's like a waking dream, evoking feelings you can't think of names for.’
    • ‘There's the tangled web and fatalism of Cocteau's standard storyline, but the movie lacks the waking dream state of Cocteau's movies.’
    • ‘It has the hallucinatory, frightening quality of a waking dream.’
    • ‘He creates waking dreams, much as Michel Gondry did with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and keeps them rooted strongly enough in reality that they never pull us out of the film.’
    • ‘I became a little unbalanced on the subject: reading it resembled falling into a waking dream.’
    • ‘Viewed as the waking dream to Argento's later nightmare in Technicolor Suspiria, it is a one-two combination that many directors would sell their soul to call their own.’
    • ‘After some hours Nora surfaces from her waking dream.’
    • ‘He slips easily into the skins of his characters, presenting them like waking dreams - vivid yet just beyond tangible.’
    • ‘Sometimes these were waking dreams, almost like visions.’
    • ‘As in a waking dream, the viewer is initiated into a nocturnal world where once familiar things induce apprehension in the viewer, offering a premonition of the unsettling events to come.’
    • ‘I have found personally that my visualisations are more akin to waking dreams, the type that can be superimposed upon my conscious sight.’
    • ‘Strange waking dreams - unless I'm asleep and dreaming of being awake, of course.’
    • ‘Eventually he begins having waking dreams of his lover.’
    • ‘The image of him on his deathbed, mouth partly open, half-lidded eyes staring up at me, haunted my sleeping and waking dreams.’