Definition of waifish in English:



  • See waif

    • ‘Curvaceous, decidedly feminine and womanly I would say, rather than waifish and childlike.’
    • ‘Ben Drawing shows a waifish, pale boy with scruffy black hair and tattoos lounging in black bathing briefs on a brightly colored beach towel.’
    • ‘But as an additional twist, he picks up waifish Russian prostitute Anne, whose seeming helplessness belies a shrewd sense of self-preservation at any cost.’
    • ‘The 28-year-old model, whose waifish good looks have graced the covers of countless magazines, delivered her first child early last Sunday.’
    • ‘Audrey Hepburn may look very good in those stylish designer clothes, if you're into her starving waifish look, but she isn't a very good actress.’