Definition of wages council in English:

wages council


  • (in the UK) one of a number of statutory bodies, now abolished, consisting of workers' and employers' representatives responsible for determining wages in particular industries.

    • ‘Moreover, this practical problem cannot be resolved even with the establishment of a wages council as suggested by HKSSS in its minimum wage proposal.’
    • ‘Labor participates in the wages councils as set up under the Wages Councils Act, but labor's representation on the boards of directors is minimal.’
    • ‘The three remaining wages councils look after the interests of agricultural workers in England and Wales, in Scotland, and in Northern Ireland.’
    • ‘Ten wages councils covering employment in the following industries/sectors have been established.’
    • ‘Awareness of statutory employment rights, including health and safety, wages councils and the employment of young persons, form part of union shop steward training courses.’