Definition of wager of battle in English:

wager of battle


  • A form of trial by which someone's guilt or innocence was decided by personal combat between the parties or their champions.

    • ‘It will be seen from § 10 that knights of good family might still engage in wager of battle against their equals, although, in other respects a breach of the peace was to be severely punished.’
    • ‘Lord Morley appears to have risen to repeat the accusation against Salisbury and the latter to have defied him to prove it by wager of battle.’
    • ‘As the concept of summary execution and wager of battle became incompatible with emerging societal values, the law changed.’
    • ‘Now I ask whether the King, when the dispute is brought before him, should decide for wager of battle.’
    • ‘In this trial, one of the contending parties issued a wager of battle, or challenge.’