Definition of vygie in English:



South African
  • another term for mesembryanthemum
    • ‘Prince Albert has its own beautiful vygie that occurs only in this part of the world - the entire world population is found within a radius of about 5 km of Prince Albert.’
    • ‘There are several other smaller vygie species in Sand Plain Fynbos, and they have a similar ability to store water in their leaves.’
    • ‘The brightly coloured vygies add contrast to the blue and azure of the sea and the browns of the rocks.’
    • ‘So many species are colourful like the long list of pelargoniums, vygies, and annuals which re-seed themselves.’
    • ‘There are a staggering 1700 leaf-succulent species, of which mesems or vygies are the best known.’


1920s: from Afrikaans, from Dutch vyg ‘fig’ + the diminutive suffix -ie.