Definition of vuggy in English:



  • See vug

    • ‘Pyrargyrite was a dominant mineral, occurring locally in vuggy masses, in the Cortland mine, Gunnison County.’
    • ‘During the mid-to-late 1970s some spectacular specimens were produced from a vuggy to cavernous fissure zone intersected by an exploration drift on the 17 level.’
    • ‘Small pegmatites within the granite are locally abundant and have furnished a large number of minerals from pockets and associated vuggy zones.’
    • ‘During a nine-week period a vuggy zone about 250 feet inside the main haulage adit of the Mountain Monarch mine was exploited, and many fine rhodochrosite crystal groups were collected.’
    • ‘Unlike the vein deposits, the metasomatic flats are frequently vuggy and are the source of most crystallized mineral specimens from the district.’