Definition of voyeuristic in English:


Pronunciation /vɔɪjəˈrɪstɪk//vwʌɪjəˈrɪstɪk/


  • 1Relating to or denoting sexual pleasure gained from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.

    ‘women as objects of voyeuristic pleasure’
    • ‘The religious themes are cleverly handled so as not to appear preachy or judgemental, while the coming-of-age material is frank but never voyeuristic.’
    • ‘The effect is vaguely clinical, dispassionate, like academic anatomical studies, but also enigmatic and voyeuristic.’
    • ‘People who mortify the body in some way will always command a voyeuristic interest.’
    • ‘He seeks to recast the voyeuristic impulse into terms of love rather than violation.’
    • ‘According to the dominant mores of academic film theory, narrative cinema is about the process of voyeuristic watching.’
    1. 1.1 Deriving or relating to enjoyment from seeing the pain or distress of others.
      ‘the voyeuristic pleasure of spying on relationships under pressure’
      ‘there is something uncomfortably voyeuristic about being led into the hospital room’
      • ‘And particularly that poor kid with that skin disease - I mean, I felt voyeuristic.’
      • ‘Intruders and accessories to crime, we had our voyeuristic detachment demolished twice over.’
      • ‘A large keyhole enhances the mood of voyeuristic darkness.’
      • ‘Socially, this in-between condition generates ambiguity - both public and private - and establishes a voyeuristic relationship with the street.’
      • ‘The stress on her psyche is made worse by a voyeuristic website that seems to have gotten into her head.’