Definition of vowelize in English:


(British vowelise)


[with object]
  • Supply (something such as a Hebrew or shorthand text) with vowel points or signs representing vowels.

    • ‘When these letters are instead used as consonants (weak-consonants) in vowelised texts you will find a before them.’
    • ‘The level of correctness for the synthesizers is in the range 89% to 94% of the vowelized words.’
    • ‘The user has to select the correct base combination (consonant + vowel) that make up the given vowelized consonant.’
    • ‘The explicit internal representation of vowelized word forms in the lexicon may be useful to provide an automatic method to vowelize transcripts.’
    • ‘In order to explicitly represent the vowelized word forms, each non-vowelized word entry is considered as a word class regrouping all of its associated vowelized forms.’
    • ‘Arabic dictionaries with vowels written out are terribly rare: only one of the dictionaries in question in my university library is vowelised.’
    • ‘Finally, if anyone out there can tell me how to vowelize Hebrew in Blogger, please do.’