Definition of vowel point in English:

vowel point


  • Each of a set of marks indicating vowels in writing phonetically explicit text in Semitic languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.

    • ‘In all other cases the vowel point is applied to the preceding consonant, and the letter representing the vowel remains without vowel point.’
    • ‘The main form of ‘Adonai’ has a different vowel point under the ‘N’ to distinguish it from the second much less common form of the word.’
    • ‘Second, it takes time to write or type vowel points.’
    • ‘These dots and dashes are called vowel points because they enable the reader to know exactly which vowel sounds to supply with the written Hebrew consonantal text.’
    • ‘The general rule is that the vowel point remains in its normal position, and the accent is moved to avoid a collision.’
    • ‘The consonants are listed first in alphabetical order, followed by vowel points and then by other signs.’
    • ‘But the uncertainty of the writing, and the lack of diacritical and vowel points, caused fresh disputes.’
    • ‘To be sure, the subscript vowel points used as vowel cues in modern Hebrew were not used by the ancients.’
    • ‘One solution to this dilemma was to use a qualifier in one of the terms to indicate the particular vowel point differentiating that term from another one that is spelled the same.’
    • ‘Included for the first time is the ability to search all versions with options for case, accent, and vowel point sensitivity.’
    • ‘Only when the text was standardised did vowel points emerge to fix the identity of certain words in the text.’
    • ‘How well the vowel points will line up varies from font to font.’
    • ‘Addition of an Aleph to a word does not effect the pronunciation at all, unless a vowel point is assigned to the Aleph - even then, such a vowel point can usually be borrowed from a consonant.’
    • ‘The difference between the two is simply one vowel point added to the Hebrew letter.’