Definition of vote bank in English:

vote bank


  • (in South Asia) a group of people who can be relied upon to vote together in support of the same party.

    • ‘Congress can always retrieve its formidable vote bank among minorities, Dalits and forward castes by some good planning and homework.’
    • ‘The Dalit and Muslim vote banks had favoured the Congress till the 1984 elections, by and large.’
    • ‘They have been busy abolishing the people when and wherever they suspect them not to have been their vote bank.’
    • ‘It is nevertheless a precarious identity which could easily become the victim of electioneering vote banks that promote and provoke divisions and sub divisions of caste and creed.’
    • ‘There are 140 million of them, so they have political value as a vote bank.’
    • ‘The political fortunes of the Congress have suffered badly as major groups in its traditional vote bank have been lost to emerging regional and caste-based parties, such as the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Samajwadi Party.’
    • ‘Muslims have never been a homogenous mass as many political leaders reduced them to for their own vote bank politics.’
    • ‘Of all these vote banks, minority vote bank has been one of the hottest topics of political discussion in the last decade or so.’
    • ‘Religion has become a commodity that is being sold in our cities, towns and villages, and vote banks are the institutions, which exchange votes with power.’
    • ‘The minorities, once their loyal vote bank, were disenchanted with the party, as were large sections of the young and the less educated.’
    • ‘The Congress has successfully used the Muslims as a vote bank without bothering about their welfare, while the BJP is seeking their trust.’
    • ‘Also there are issues like illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India, who are being used by Indian politicians as vote banks.’
    • ‘Politicians robbed of economic decision-making organize their vote banks along lines of religious and cultural difference, promoting fear and hatred.’
    • ‘The Forest Department is powerless to evict them since local politicians, smelling a profitable vote bank, have rallied to the squatters' cause.’
    • ‘Kashmiri Hindus need to create their own political clout by creating their own vote bank.’
    • ‘The only to do this is to become a significant mass, a body whose opinions they cannot ignore, a body that reflects sentiments of a significant vote bank.’
    • ‘Minorities have only been used as vote bank by central and state governments.’
    • ‘He also agreed with them that for all these years the secular parties have used the Muslims as a vote bank to further their political ends.’