Definition of Vorticism in English:



  • See Vorticist

    • ‘In 1919 he founded Group X as an attempt to revive Vorticism, but this failed, and from the late 1920s he devoted himself mainly to writing, in which he often made savage attacks on his contemporaries (particularly the Bloomsbury Group).’
    • ‘The gleeful, violent overturning of pieties-including the pieties of race and nation-in the name of modernity is precisely what Vorticism announces itself to be about.’
    • ‘Their work was heavily influenced by Italian Futurism and the uniquely British Vorticism, hence these dynamic abstracted scenes of sport and industry.’
    • ‘Working as an official Canadian war artist in both World Wars, Lewis developed Vorticism along more humanistic lines although his compositions remained jagged and his linearity exaggerated.’