Definition of vortical in English:



  • See vortex

    • ‘The vortical flow patterns summarized here are important for stability development, especially control for pitching, in boxfishes.’
    • ‘Predictions of the effects of both observed vortical flow patterns and pressure distributions on the carapace were consistent with actual forces and moments measured using the force balance.’
    • ‘This concept is not so simple to apply, because the average flow is affected by the unsteady vortical patterns through the Reynolds stresses.’
    • ‘Detailed flow visualization in flapping foils provides a more complex picture: The vortical patterns close partially on themselves to form apparent ring loops, but the vorticity of each loop connects all the way back to the foil.’
    • ‘Although differences in carapace morphology were apparent, vortical flow patterns around the four boxfishes were fairly consistent.’