Definition of von Willebrand's disease in English:

von Willebrand's disease


mass nounMedicine
  • An inherited disorder characterized by a tendency to bleed, caused by deficiency or abnormality of a plasma coagulation factor (von Willebrand factor).

    • ‘The most commonly encountered disorders are coagulation factor VIII deficiency, coagulation factor IX deficiency and von Willebrand's disease.’
    • ‘Bloat, epilepsy and heart related problems are also reported, as are von Willebrand's disease and hemophilia A.’
    • ‘There is also impairment of the platelet response to thrombin, collagen, fibrinogen, and von Willebrand factor.’
    • ‘Patients with Type 3 (and some with Type 2A and 2B) will need treatment with humate p, a medication derived from human plasma that contains both factor VIII and von Willebrand factor.’
    • ‘In most patients with von Willebrand disease, factor VIII activity and plasma levels of von Willebrand factor are decreased.’


1940s: named after Erik A. von Willebrand (1870–1949), Finnish physician.


von Willebrand's disease