Definition of vomitus in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Matter that has been vomited.

    • ‘Rather, transmission is probably quite direct, involving recently contaminated food or water (e.g., containing vomitus or faecal matter) or unclean hands or utensils.’
    • ‘As I was walking down the corridor one day with my chief, we came upon a pool of brownish mucoid liquid on the floor, perhaps vomitus, incontinent stool, or some other body fluid.’
    • ‘Other significant conditions were aspiration of vomitus and sickle cell disorder.’
    • ‘The appropriate specimens to submit for testing include food (in the original container if it is available) or environmental specimens, stool, serum, gastric contents, or vomitus.’
    • ‘Properly collected specimens such as serum, gastric contents or vomitus, feces or return from sterile water enemas, or food samples are to be referred to designated testing laboratories.’


Early 20th century: from Latin.