Definition of volvox in English:



  • A green single-celled aquatic organism which forms minute free-swimming spherical colonies.

    Genus Volvox, division Chlorophyta (or phylum Chlorophyta, kingdom Protista)

    • ‘One of the prettiest creatures you may catch sight of is a tumbling, crystalline, globe-shaped alga known as volvox.’
    • ‘There are some organisms which consist of a single cell e.g.bacteria, single-celled algae, amobae, parameciums, volvoxes.’
    • ‘We used a projection microscope to watch their movements, including the bursting of ‘daughter’ volvoxes from the parent sphere.’
    • ‘The development of volvoxes which are mutant for both the gls and regA loci resembles that of simpler volvocaceans, wherein all cells first differentiate as somatic cells and then later become reproductive cells.’
    • ‘And they grow baby volvoxes inside the sphere and, when they are big enough, the parent volvox opens and out comes the baby ready to begin life on its own.’


Modern Latin, from Latin volvere ‘to roll’.