Definition of volva in English:



  • (in certain fungi) a veil which encloses the fruiting body, often persisting after rupture as a sheath at the base of the stalk.

    • ‘Amanita fulva is tawny and has a volva that is not constricted and often stains rusty brown.’
    • ‘Volvariella is the third genus in which one encounters an obvious volva in the gilled fungi.’
    • ‘The saccate volva is attached only near the base of the stem, grayish on the outer surface, and 20-35 mm wide.’
    • ‘Gomphidius and Chroogomphus species have neither volvas nor skirtlike rings, although most species have a veil when young which leaves a fragmentary ring on the stem of the mushroom as it matures.’
    • ‘Amanitas have many superficial resemblances which can confuse amateur mushroom hunters: it is better to avoid veiled mushrooms with bulbed bases or volvas unless you are very experienced with mushrooms.’


Mid 18th century: modern Latin, from Latin volvere ‘to roll, wrap round’.