Definition of voluntaryism in English:



  • less common term for voluntarism (sense 1)
    • ‘In churchmanship he moved in the early 1840s from less than wholehearted defence of civil establishments of religion to vehement voluntaryism and opposition to state aid to all churches.’
    • ‘This means that moral actions on the personal level are determined by your values, while on the interpersonal level they are determined by respect of self-determination and voluntaryism.’
    • ‘Others felt that given the lack of voluntaryism, an incentives approach would have been better.’
    • ‘Note the different methods used to fulfill the Great Commission and be alert for three important traditions which shape American Christianity: pluralism, voluntaryism, and lay participation.’
    • ‘It seems to me that the left-anarchist is too ready to confuse voluntaryism with mainstream economics.’
    • ‘I said that voluntaryism is incomplete as the basis of a state.’
    • ‘With voluntaryism and self-improvement went self-respect, a code of honesty and a sense of respectability.’
    • ‘We have discovered anew that voluntaryism is of the essence of the Gospel.’