Definition of voluntary simplicity in English:

voluntary simplicity


mass noun
  • A philosophy or way of life that rejects materialism in favour of human and spiritual values, and is characterized by minimal consumption, environmental responsibility, and community cooperation.

    • ‘Local blacks, who were living in involuntary poverty, were decidedly uninterested in the kind of voluntary simplicity that so appealed to privileged white liberals.’
    • ‘There are chapters relating voluntary simplicity to work and livelihood, spirituality, the environment and self development.’
    • ‘Witting or unwitting apostles of Thoreau, these citizens have come to re-examine their lifestyles from three separate, yet often interconnected, paths: spirituality, nostalgia, and voluntary simplicity.’
    • ‘This generation may be among the most amenable to the tug of nostalgia and voluntary simplicity, not to mention heartfelt entreaties to quality moments with children and grandchildren.’
    • ‘The Shakers' lifestyle also prefigures a way of dwelling in the land and living with others in community convergent with the voluntary simplicity movement.’
    • ‘She is skeptical of the voluntary simplicity movement and its self-help ethos.’
    • ‘The solution they propose is voluntary simplicity, but en route to that proposal the authors provide an accurate and thoughtful account of our culture, including a quick but reliable survey of American cultural history.’
    • ‘He enunciated premises - appropriate scale, voluntary simplicity, diversity, natural capital - that seemed self-evident once he articulated them, and looked like a basis for remaking economics and society.’
    • ‘But what ever happened to voluntary simplicity and living lightly on the earth?’
    • ‘Moving from half a 3-bedroom townhome with garage to a 300 square foot apartment is quite an exercise in voluntary simplicity.’
    • ‘When I look at these images, that vow of voluntary simplicity I took when I moved into this San Jose rental (ie no more stuff to move!) burns a hole right in my credit card.’
    • ‘She said, ‘In our case, exploring the ideas behind voluntary simplicity was a way to decide what our values were.’’
    • ‘Focus instead on the implications of the president's call to voluntary simplicity.’
    • ‘If anything, his newfound wealth has made him feel at times that he has breached a social contract of voluntary simplicity and equality at the Zen Center.’