Definition of voluntary school in English:

voluntary school


  • (in the UK) a school which, though not established by the local education authority, is funded mainly or entirely by it, and which typically encourages a particular set of religious beliefs.

    • ‘The submission said there has been an 80% increase in insurance costs for schools between 1997 and 2003, with some voluntary schools facing 50% annual premium hikes.’
    • ‘In one case the first criterion at a Church of England voluntary school was ‘families who attend the Church of England‘.’
    • ‘Both the voluntary schools which had provided elementary education since the early years of the century and the Board schools created in England and Wales under the 1870 Elementary Education Act were mixed.’
    • ‘The Church of England continued to supervise religious instruction in the schools and its own voluntary schools were to be supported from the rates.’
    • ‘This is the establishment of a new 11-18 voluntary school to meet the post-primary needs of all of the children in the Glens and east Antrim area.’
    • ‘A report commissioned by the department has placed the difference in funding for voluntary schools at 25% less then that of community and comprehensive schools.’
    • ‘His Education Bill proposed state schools where voluntary schools had not been established, to be administered by elected school boards.’
    • ‘1881 records show there are places for 2,415 pupils in district board schools and 794 in voluntary schools.’
    • ‘‘It seems reasonable that the students from these schools would be given some leeway or allowance because voluntary schools have suffered most due to the strike,’ she said.’
    • ‘They were also empowered to borrow money, to use compulsory purchase orders to acquire sites and to accept the transfer of religious / voluntary schools to their control.’


voluntary school

/ˈvɒləntri skuːl/