Definition of voluntary-aided in English:



  • (in the UK) denoting a voluntary school that is funded mainly by the local authority.

    • ‘It is a voluntary-aided Muslim school, making it the Islamic equivalent of Catholic secondaries.’
    • ‘Most of the £1 million comes from a Government pot to help voluntary-aided schools.’
    • ‘Governors, staff, parents and pupils at the voluntary-aided school are pleased with the news.’
    • ‘The voluntary-aided school planned to move to its new premises in Gatton Road at the beginning of September.’
    • ‘Of the 15 secondary schools in the town, four have voluntary-aided status, two are Church of England and two Roman Catholic and nearly half of the 66 primary schools are church schools.’
    • ‘There is no question that voluntary-aided schools provide good education.’
    • ‘It is the only voluntary-aided Church of England secondary school in the Diocese of York and attracts pupils from a wide area.’
    • ‘But, a bid by the school governors for voluntary-aided status has been all-but guaranteed by the council's organisation committee - as long as the school was prepared to wait until September next year.’
    • ‘The announcement was part of an £85 million three-year package for voluntary-aided schools across the country.’
    • ‘He said he was looking forward to welcoming next year's intake at the school as the first group of Jewish Grammar boys to be taught in a voluntary-aided school.’
    • ‘Foundation and voluntary-aided schools are responsible for drawing up their own term times but it is hoped they will embrace the new calendar, which is being introduced from September 2005.’
    • ‘To access the government cash, voluntary-aided schools have to raise 10 per cent of the building costs themselves.’
    • ‘A North Pembrokeshire community could make history by setting up the country's first Welsh social enterprise co-operative voluntary-aided school.’
    • ‘All Rochdale's Catholic schools are voluntary-aided, with the church paying 10 per cent towards the school budget.’
    • ‘The voluntary-aided school, which means it is subsidised by a religious organisation, has 144 pupils and employs ten teachers and 15 support staff.’
    • ‘The dispute had started over whether a Jewish voluntary-aided school should be established in Leeds and had since become one about whether the council should fund transport to Jewish schools elsewhere.’