Definition of voluntaristic in English:



  • See voluntarism

    • ‘However, this study shows that the concrete manifestations of solidarity such as neighborliness, co-operative labor, support in times of crisis, attendance of significant community events, are not so voluntaristic.’
    • ‘By the nineteenth century, there were a number of associational outlets that might foster a voluntaristic political spirit among women.’
    • ‘Beginning in the 1780s and up through the nineteenth century, some Catholic laity were attracted to the voluntaristic idea of church membership and church government that they saw in the Protestant denominations around them.’
    • ‘We will work toward a purely voluntaristic society, while recognizing that no one knows, or can know, whether a complete absence of state-sponsored coercion is possible.’
    • ‘A decent society is a voluntaristic one; my country has been the greatest exemplar of such decency; and I'd just as soon have the part of that country where I live lead the way.’