Definition of voluntarily in English:



  • Of one's own free will.

    ‘he voluntarily attended a police station’
    • ‘One of the options is the wider use of toughened plastic glasses, which are already used by some pubs voluntarily.’
    • ‘We voluntarily made copies of the original letters freely available to the press.’
    • ‘He stayed away for 169 days, eventually returning voluntarily to give himself up.’
    • ‘He is perceived as a weak leader who, if he will not go voluntarily, must be forced from office.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the parent who voluntarily ran the scheme moved away and nobody has yet been found to take over.’
    of one's own free will, of one's own accord, of one's own volition, of one's own choice, of one's own choosing, by choice, by preference
    willingly, readily, freely, intentionally, deliberately, on purpose, purposely, spontaneously, without being asked, without being forced, without hesitation, without reluctance
    gladly, with pleasure, with good grace, eagerly, enthusiastically
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