Definition of volumetric in English:



  • 1Relating to the measurement of volume.

    • ‘Since she began attending, the figures in her paintings have gone from flat to volumetric, and her aesthetic has changed to match.’
    • ‘The runoff hose was supplied by a tank reservoir that permitted measurement (i.e., volumetric metering) of the outflow.’
    • ‘The controlled heating of deeper tissue and the ensuing skin tightening is known as volumetric tissue heating.’
    • ‘Traditionally, two types of experiments have been used to study swelling behavior of cartilage, including measurements of volumetric swelling and dimensional swelling of cartilage.’
    • ‘Most licences in the Basin have now been converted from area licences to volumetric ones to encourage better water usage.’
    • ‘The odds ratios for all the volumetric soft tissue measurements increased or stayed the same (odds ratio for parapharyngeal fat pad volume decreased slightly) after adjusting for sex, ethnicity, age, and craniofacial size.’
    • ‘Often when I ask for a price, the owner will get a look on his face that makes me think he is doing volumetric computations of some of the more difficult solids.’
    1. 1.1 (of chemical analysis) based on measuring the volumes of reagents, especially by titration.
      • ‘One lecture in 1814 was memorable for its first description of volumetric chemical analysis.’
      • ‘For high-accuracy chemical analysis and research work, a volumetric transfer pipette is preferred.’
      • ‘The apparatus used for volumetric measurement was a new version of one previously described.’
      • ‘In general, the titrant is placed in a volumetric glassware called a burette and added slowly to a known volume of analyte until the reaction is complete.’
      • ‘The other main branch of quantitative methods is volumetric analysis.’


Mid 19th century: from volume + metric.