Definition of volte in English:


(also volt)

Pronunciation /vɒlt//vəʊlt/


  • 1Fencing
    A sudden quick jump or other movement to escape a thrust, especially a swinging round of the rear leg to turn the body sideways.

    • ‘He uses the term ‘voiding ‘for the volte or esquive.’’
  • 2A movement performed in dressage and classical riding, in which a horse describes a circle of 6 yards diameter.

    • ‘Figures such as voltes and squares were used to engage the horse's hind legs before a transition to a new gait.’


Late 17th century (as a fencing term): from French, from Italian volta ‘a turn’, from volgere ‘to turn’. volte (sense 2 of the noun) dates from the early 18th century.