Definition of Völkerwanderung in English:



  • A migration of peoples, especially that of Germanic and Slavic peoples into Europe from the 2nd to the 11th centuries.

    • ‘For the barbarians, this new settlement was the culmination of a period of defeat, migration and conquest know as the Völkerwanderung - the ‘Wandering of the Peoples.’’
    • ‘As a consequence of the colonization patterns, the Völkerwanderung, the routes for trade and communication (chiefly the rivers), and of physical isolation (high mountains and deep forests) very different regional dialects developed.’
    • ‘The depletion of these countries during the Völkerwanderung and the adverse climatic conditions of the Middle Ages must have had in the first instance a selective, in the second a depressing, effect upon national stature.’
    relocation, resettling, population movement, transhumance, moving, moving abroad, emigration, expatriation, posting, exodus, departure, hegira, defection, trek, diaspora
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German, from Völker ‘nations’ + Wanderung ‘migration’.