Definition of volatilize in English:


(also volatilise)

Pronunciation /vəˈlatɪlʌɪz//ˈvɒlətɪlʌɪz/


  • (with reference to a substance) make or become volatile:

    [with object] ‘the sulphur dioxide added before fermentation has already been volatilized’
    figurative ‘the novel has volatilized the essence of New England thought into wreaths of spiritual beauty’
    [no object] ‘mercury volatilizes and is condensed in earthenware receivers’
    • ‘When the trichomes were fully developed, the compounds were volatilized and only residues were responsible for an orange fluorescence in the cell wall area.’
    • ‘The material used to form the pattern should be something which can be melted, volatilized, or burned off, such as wax or plastic.’
    • ‘Essential oils can be distinguished from fatty oils because they can be volatilised by heat and will evaporate.’
    • ‘The metal containing paint layer is heated to a second temperature for a second period of time in an oxygen-free atmosphere to volatilize the solvents in the paint.’
    • ‘All of the jewelers used compressed-gas torches to heat-manipulate metals; in the process, metals were volatilized and subsequently condensed on nearby surfaces.’
    vaporize, become vapour, volatilize
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