Definition of volatilizable in English:


(British volatilisable)


  • See volatilize

    • ‘The main object of coking is to free the bituminous coal from impurities water, hydrocarbons and volatilizable sulphur - leaving in the coke fixed carbon, ash, and the non-volatilizable sulphur.’
    • ‘It is obviously inapplicable to substances whose virtues depend in any considerable degree upon readily volatilizable constituents.’
    • ‘As the water in the boiler is being heated to produce steam, any volatilizable chemical components present in the water will boil off and combine with the steam being evolved.’
    • ‘The high electronegativity of fluorine atoms, the lack of oxidizable or volatilizable ions, and the well-known retention of atomic species in strong crystalline matrices assures that not much (likely none) of the elemental fluorine or volatile fluorides would be released.’