Definition of voir dire in English:

voir dire

(also voire dire)


  • 1A preliminary examination of a witness or the jury pool by a judge or counsel.

    as modifier ‘voir dire interrogation of the board members did not bode well for their case’
    • ‘He displayed some feistiness when testifying in the voir dire.’
    • ‘Their solicitor confirmed this in his testimony in the voire dire proceedings.’
    • ‘The Court's attitude seems to have been that defense counsel should've done a better job questioning the jurors during voire dire.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, the outcome of their research was that if you were dealing with complex trials with multiple offenders, where there were voir dires and adjournments, then you had a more likely occurrence of an aborted trial.’
    1. 1.1 An investigation into the truth or admissibility of evidence, held during a trial.
      ‘police at the scene and witnesses all said he smelled of alcohol, according to evidence at a voir dire’


Law French, from Old French voir ‘true’ + dire ‘say’.


voir dire

/ˌvwɑː ˈdɪə/