Definition of voidness in English:



  • See void

    • ‘The solution of partial voidness for non-registration under section 395 of the Companies Act 1985 is an example.’
    • ‘Within voidness, form that gave way to a deeper void.’
    • ‘Here again, with the skill of a cinematic ‘Zen master’, Herzog isolates and dissolves his character with the utmost gentleness, this time by reducing Steiner to a blurred silhouette in the middle of an empty voidness.’
    • ‘Many poststructuralist commentators have noted that systems evoking or citing a ground of emptiness, negation, and voidness are not necessarily utopian, Jungian, or philosophically naive at all.’
    • ‘Some kind of voidness, the complete negation of everything-is that Buddhism?’