Definition of voicelessness in English:



  • See voiceless

    • ‘Often the breeding ground is that of exclusion, of oppression, of poverty - a sense of voicelessness in the councils of the world and hopelessness for the future, fanned and exploited by the wilful misuse of religious faith and fervour.’
    • ‘Like many foreign supporters of Cuban socialism who visit Cuba today, he recognizes the frustration that many Cubans feel over their voicelessness in a system that seems to respond to its people less and less.’
    • ‘Still, I was bothered by the voicelessness that I was experiencing.’
    • ‘The difference between voice and voicelessness can be checked by holding the larynx and saying zzzz and ssss in alternation, feeling vibration then lack of vibration.’
    • ‘At the heart of the discursive storms around voice and voicelessness, therefore, are African women.’