Definition of voiceful in English:



  • Possessing a voice.

    ‘the swelling of the voiceful sea’
    • ‘I sit here up in the hills and the sea and the air are voiceful, a seething and moaning of the wind and weather, cruel to listen to.’
    • ‘To northern commentators this ‘city of ruins, of desolation, of vacant houses, of rotting wharves, of deserted warehouses, of weed-wild gardens, of miles of grass-grown streets, of acres of pitiful and voiceful barrenness’ was a fitting end for the city where ‘Rebellion reared its head five years ago.’’
    • ‘She wondered if old dreams could haunt rooms - if, when one left forever the room where she had joyed and suffered and laughed and wept, something of her, intangible and invisible, yet nonetheless real, did not remain behind like a voiceful memory.’