Definition of voice recognition in English:

voice recognition


mass noun
  • Computer analysis of the human voice, especially for the purposes of interpreting words and phrases or identifying an individual voice.

    • ‘It doesn't work with my voice recognition software, and it requires a level of co-ordination that many older or disabled people just won't have.’
    • ‘It also features facial and voice recognition software.’
    • ‘This system will support voice recognition, hand writing recognition, and other things that will make it more usable for the consumer.’
    • ‘I still remember my first encounter voice recognition software.’
    • ‘It provides voice recognition and text-to-speech functions that the project organisers say will provide a more natural way of interacting with the network.’
    • ‘She is following a similar course with plans to implement voice recognition as a way to allow callers to cut through levels of phone-tree choices.’
    • ‘Potentially interesting sessions on voice recognition, sound design, and sound mixing are on the schedule.’
    • ‘I refer to basic things like artificial intelligence and reliable voice recognition.’
    • ‘She investigated the possibilities of voice recognition software and electronic note automation.’
    • ‘I have been denied access to voice recognition software and hardware from the university where I am a student.’
    • ‘High-quality voice recognition could begin to close the gap, but that is still years away.’
    • ‘Like most other software, however, voice recognition improves given faster processors and more memory.’
    • ‘Mobile phone input devices to date include the keypad, touch screen and voice recognition.’
    • ‘Most voice recognition software requires a period of training so it becomes tuned to an individual user.’
    • ‘The anti-fraud strategy, to be unveiled later this week, will see voice recognition software deployed to detect when callers are lying to government agencies.’
    • ‘They might also use a computer system, which has a scanner, screen reader, and voice recognition or speech-to-text software.’
    • ‘After getting used to using the microphone and voice recognition software, it's possible to program custom commands.’
    • ‘A more recent development in the speech technology industry is voice recognition.’
    • ‘Many users already have the computing power to run voice recognition programs, so the decision becomes which software to purchase.’
    • ‘One way to improve the accuracy of voice recognition is to restrict the vocabulary of the system.’