Definition of voetstoots in English:


adverb & adjective

South African
  • 1Law
    (of a sale or purchase) without guarantee or warranty; at the buyer's risk.

    as adverb ‘the property is sold voetstoots’
    as adjective ‘auctions are voetstoots deals’
    • ‘Where a thing is sold voetstoots, the buyer must take it as he finds it with all its defects and vices.’
    • ‘It was only in circumstances where the purchaser could prove ‘fraud’ on the part of the seller that the purchaser could penetrate the voetstoots clause and legitimately complain.’
    • ‘Your contract will contain a voetstoots clause absolving your seller from all liability for latent and patent defects.’
    • ‘Sellers who hide the rising damp in their homes behind furniture or omit to mention that the shower leaks, will not be protected by the voetstoots clause in their sales contract.’
    • ‘The voetstoots clause provides that you take the property as is, with all defects as they exist.’
  • 2Without reservation or qualification.

    as adverb ‘I'm not entirely in favour of school uniforms voetstoots’


Afrikaans, from the Dutch phrase met de voet te stoten ‘to push with the foot’.