Definition of vitreous humour in English:

vitreous humour


mass noun
  • The transparent gelatinous tissue filling the eyeball behind the lens.

    Compare with aqueous humour
    • ‘The cornea, the pupillary opening within the iris, the lens, and the aqueous and vitreous humor combine to form the refractive media of the eye.’
    • ‘The serous fluid content of the anterior chamber is called the aqueous humor, and the thicker, viscous fluid within the posterior chamber is the vitreous humor.’
    • ‘Light that has been focused through the cornea and aqueous humor hits the lens, which then focuses it further, sending the light rays through the vitreous humor and onto the retina.’
    • ‘The part of the eyeball behind the lens is filled with a jelly called vitreous humour.’
    • ‘The vitreous humor is between the back of the lens and the retina.’


vitreous humour