Definition of vitello tonnato in English:

vitello tonnato


mass noun
  • An Italian dish consisting of roast or poached veal served cold in a tuna and anchovy mayonnaise.

    • ‘I normally kick off with the vitello tonnato - thinly sliced veal served cold with tuna aioli - which is a great starter, but this time I went for the classic Caesar salad for €6.50.’
    • ‘My first appetizer was a sleek, New Age version of vitello tonnato containing a disc of tuna tartare (instead of the usual wet tuna sauce) and a single crisp-fried sweetbread (instead of wet veal).’
    • ‘We also tried a Tuscan dish called vitello tonnato, a slice of cold veal with a tuna, mayonnaise and caper sauce.’
    • ‘His vitello tonnato also betrays a sweet tooth, with the addition of apples and raisins.’
    • ‘Blame it on the surroundings, or linguistic stress, or just uncontrollable greed, but before I knew what was happening, my vitello tonnato had vanished without a trace, and the turkey stuffed with olives was not far behind.’


Italian, from vitello ‘veal’ + tonno ‘tuna’.


vitello tonnato

/vɪˈtɛləʊ tɒˈnɑːtəʊ/