Definition of vitamin C in English:

vitamin C


  • another term for ascorbic acid
    • ‘Taking vitamin C in doses greater than a gram a day has been shown to lead to nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and kidney stones.’
    • ‘The higher vitamin C content of vegetarian diets may even improve iron absorption.’
    • ‘Perhaps the vitamin C is good but the cold temperature and nature of the juice is definitely wrong.’
    • ‘Fresh produce is the best dietary source of antioxidants like vitamin C and beta carotene.’
    • ‘Scientists have long known that plants use their own vitamin C to reduce oxidative damage.’
    • ‘No one is going to be issued a patent on vitamin C, garlic or creatine anytime soon.’
    • ‘They are also good sources of vitamin C and folate, both of which have been linked to some protection from cancer and heart disease.’
    • ‘The scent of fresh oranges is very energizing, and the vitamin C helps tone your skin.’
    • ‘Cranberry juice, with its high vitamin C content, is a popular product.’
    • ‘Topical vitamin C may reduce wrinkles, thicken skin and protect against sun damage.’
    • ‘Because vitamin C is water soluble, it isn't held in the body for more than a few hours.’
    • ‘Guzzle down a serving and you've more than satisfied your daily vitamin C requirement.’
    • ‘The green mango is said to be valuable in blood disorders because of its high vitamin C content.’
    • ‘In frozen peas the vitamin C content did not differ from the time they were frozen to up until three months later.’
    • ‘Injectable vitamin C is given by or under the supervision of a health care professional.’
    • ‘Taking vitamin C has not been shown to prevent colds but it may help symptoms clear up sooner.’
    • ‘The higher vitamin C intake also reduced the likelihood of development of knee pain.’
    • ‘High vitamin C levels are associated with improved mood, intelligence and memory.’
    • ‘We also want to be sure that we get enough of the antioxidant vitamin C in our diets.’
    • ‘Since vitamin C is lost during cooking, such food should be eaten raw when possible.’


vitamin C

/ˌvɪtəmɪn ˈsiː/