Definition of visually impaired in English:

visually impaired


  • Partially or completely blind.

    • ‘Last year, I took the opportunity to go on a missionary trip to Asia to work with orphans who are visually impaired.’
    • ‘Don't express pity or show excessive sympathy towards the visually impaired.’
    • ‘Every seven minutes someone in America becomes blind or visually impaired.’
    • ‘Train a visually impaired child to walk alone like sighted children.’
    • ‘A number of programs are commercially available to facilitate the use of technology by the visually impaired.’
    • ‘Two case studies explore some models of support for visually impaired students, which have an impact on teaching and learning.’
    • ‘For more than two decades, the Encino Judo Club has helped teach martial arts skills to blind and visually impaired athletes.’
    • ‘Access sometimes focuses only on wheelchair users, however visually impaired people and others need to be included too.’
    • ‘Free massages will be provided by 120 blind masseurs and there will be performances by visually impaired artists.’
    • ‘A blind magistrate from Hull has been praised for his part in a pilot scheme which will open the door for other visually-impaired people to become Justices of the Peace.’
    • ‘Amongst the more unusual events (weather permitting) will be a demonstration of visually impaired archery.’
    • ‘The obvious implementation of the work is in relation to the visually impaired.’
    • ‘Athletes are divided into three categories: sitting, standing and visually impaired.’
    • ‘For the blind or visually impaired, judo can offer a sense of control by being more aware of their surroundings.’
    • ‘I apologized and have developed an excellent relationship with the person truly assigned the responsibility of assisting the visually impaired with their general needs.’
    • ‘Clever people at the University of Rochester have flipped the typical use of RFID around and created a navigational aid for the visually impaired.’
    • ‘Such is the standing of the game in Pakistan that blind cricket has become a major force in the slow integration of visually impaired people into mainstream society.’
    • ‘Many children who have visually impaired parents, who are single or divorced, cannot devote much time for their wards.’
    • ‘A native of Haryana and a visually impaired person herself, Ms. Singhal came to Bangalore to see if she could achieve something on her own.’
    • ‘Unlike some visually impaired girls I have met, I am always on the move.’