Definition of Visking in English:


(also Visking tubing)


mass nountrademark
  • A type of seamless cellulose tubing used as a membrane in dialysis and as an edible casing for sausages.

    • ‘Carry out experiments to demonstrate osmosis using Visking tubing, model cells and potato or other plant material.’
    • ‘No matter what its name, the old Visking operation continued to develop new products.’
    • ‘When both sides of the Visking tubing have equal concentrations, the osmosis will have been completed.’
    • ‘Put 1% starch solution into Visking tubing and then put the filled tubing into a test tube of water.’
    • ‘Osmosis generally requires a living cell membrane but it will also happen with suitable non-living membranes such as Visking dialysis tubing.’


1930s: named after the Visking Corporation of Chicago, US.